Drama Rainbow Education

Knowing yourself


Grandly Launch in 2022

Family Theater Making Mummy

will be premiered in Beijing 77 Theater from April 26 to May 5, 2022

Drama Rainbow’s Theatre in Education (TIE) programme The Other Side of Me is now on at our Centre!

In 2021 this new TIE programme will perform in Hangzhou and Lanzhou.

The Other Side of Me is the hottest ticket in town. 

This Theatre in Education performance is aimed at families with children aged 4-7 y.o.

Imagining the Real

From the community to the theatre, each step we make

DRE Community

Every day is a progressive, creative, family community day

Drama in Education

Depth, growth and development in secure fictional contexts

Youth Theatre

Create and shape an all round experience of theatre making that reveals your true self to your self and others

Let’s have DRE’s stories Online!

Want to have a DRE story every day, but can’t do it?

Now with the DRE Learning Lab course kids can do it online. Pick up the phone, you and your child can sit down comfortably together to see a DRE story!

Purposeful talk cultivates curious minds

Enable children to think deeper, longer and better

Are children not good at thinking, or do we lack the right questions?

Enable parents and children to establish better communication

Recent Highlights

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